Holy Land Tours

It's generally a life-long dream for people to get to travel to Israel. However, there are those who are determined to visit the Land of Promise and they save their money, pack their bags and take off! Yes, it's exciting, and it's time to get your thoughts together so you will know what to expect on this exciting journey to the ancient land of Israel.

Besides the fact that you are planning on a time of fun, relaxation and new experiences, there are some things you need to consider before boarding the plane. When packing, try to pack as lightly as you can. Of course, how much you actually take with you will depend partly on how long you are staying. You will need to bring gifts, souvenirs and dirty laundry home in your suitcases, so leave some extra room. Also, the power supply in Israel is 220 volt AC-50 cycles, so make sure your appliances will work or purchase an adapter kit to take with you.

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Money is, of course, another important thing to consider when traveling overseas. Traveler's checks really are a good idea because if they are lost or stolen, they will be replaced. They are not very expensive and can help put your mind to rest regarding the safety of your money. It's best to only carry about $50 in cash for transportation, emergencies and small purchases. It's also a good idea to carry many one dollar bills so you can pay for smaller purchases without expecting much change. Carrying your ATM card is smart, but remember that you may be subject to some extra fees at banks or post offices. It's a good idea to let your bank know that you are traveling overseas, so they won't suspect fraudulent usage of your card. Credit cards are also accepted as most businesses. Take a two or three different forms of payments with you, including cash, so that if one is not accepted, another probably will be accepted.

Of course, your passport is probably the most important item to have when you travel internationally. Your passport proves your identification and gives you permission to travel internationally. Your passport is good for ten years, so it's not something you have to do very often. However, they do take awhile to process, usually from six to eight weeks, sometimes longer. You can find the forms online or at a local courthouse or even post office. Make a couple of copies of your passport, especially the first two pages, to keep at home and somewhere separate from the official passport. So if your passport is stolen or lost, it can be replaced quicker.

A visa is not necessary for an American or Canadian person traveling to Israel. The Israeli Embassy can give you more information about this. Also, there are no vaccinations required for traveling in Israel. However, there are recommendations available online if you are interested. You can expect the people in Israel to be hospitable and courteous. As a visitor to their country, you should always show respect, even if you disagree with a custom or opinion. The dress in Israel is casual and how you dress will partly depend on when you go. For example, if you visit Israel during the winter, your clothes need to be warmer. Cooler clothes will be necessary during their hot summers. There are so of the holy places that require sleeves to be below the elbow and ladies' skirts must be below the knees. Also, sometimes men are required to cover their heads. You might want to consider taking a shawl that you can use as a covering. In many of these places, shawls and hats will be provided. Again, although these may not be your personal convictions, you must respect the faith of those whom you are visiting. Just keep in mind that you will want to take at least one or two nicer outfits in case you need them.

You don't have to worry too much about safety when you travel to Israel, as long as you behave there as you would anywhere else. Be more cautious at night and travel in groups as much as possible. You may see people carrying guns, usually soldiers, but this is not unusual and you should not let this bother you, as it's required of the soldiers.

Last, but not least, be as prepared as possible, always remembering that inevitable changes and delays may happen. As with any trip, don't forget that things rarely go perfectly smooth. However, the good part of this is that this often opens up new opportunities to do things you didn't plan, make new friends, and learn more about traveling and the culture of another country.

Holy Land Tours


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